Arctic Technology Centre

Arktisk Teknologi Sommerkursus 2014


Arctic Technology Centre

Welcome to the Arctic Technology Centre, ARTEK, at DTU.
ARTEK is an education and research centre offering education of Bachelors of Engineering in Arctic technology. The education aims at specific challenges and conditions in the Arctic regions where specialized engineering competences and solutions are cruzial. The education takes place both in Greenland and in Denmark.
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The research of ARTEK is covered by four main specializations. Read about them here

Education in Arctic Technology

Education is one of ARTEKs core activities. It covers a bachelor of Engineering education and several spezialisation courses. Read more

New masterprogramme

The Arctic Semester in Arctic Technology is a new masterprogramme offered at ARTEK from February 2016. Deadline for application is 1th November 2015.
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"Sanitation In Cold Climate Regions"
ARTEK Event conference, 12 - 14 April 2016.
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