Arctic Technology Centre

Arktisk Teknologi Sommerkursus 2014


Arctic Technology Centre

Welcome to the Arctic Technology Centre, ARTEK, at Technical University of Denmark. The centre established in 2001 educates Arctic engineers and conducts research, innovation and public consultancy in arctic technology. Through these activities ARTEK contributes to the building and spreading of knowledge about Arctic technology in the entire Arctic region.
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The research of ARTEK is covered by four main specializations. Read about them here

Education in Arctic Technology

Education is one of ARTEKs core activities. It covers a bachelor of Engineering education and several spezialisation courses. Read more

Master course in Arctic Technology

The Arctic Semester in Arctic Technology is a mastercourse offered at ARTEK in Sisimiut. Deadline for application is 15th October 2016.
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"Sanitation In Cold Climate Regions"
ARTEK International Conference was held in April 2016.

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