AIC - ARTEK International Conferences

What are the AIC's - ARTEK International Conferences ?


The ARTEK International Conferences are international technology conferences arranged by the Arctic Technology Centre/Technical University of Denmark. They are held every 2nd year in Sisimiut and were held for the first time in 2005. Next time will be 1.-3. May 2018.


AIC 2108 -  ARTEK International Conference 2018 - Transportation Insfrastructure Engineering in Cold Regions.

Communities in the Arctic and other cold regions are strongly dependent on well-functioning transportation infrastructure to sustain business opportunities, health and general well-being. For isolated communities (most coastal Arctic communities) regional or international travel and transportation must rely on air or sea transport. A harsh climate and unstable weather conditions impact constructions and make navigation challenging.

Faced with social and industrial changes, transportation infrastructure in these regions must be adapted to larger traffic loads and changing transportation patterns. At the same time, climate change impacts on permafrost and ground stability, sea ice distribution and properties, changing wave regimes etc., pose severe challenges to transportation infrastructure.

The ARTEK International Conference 2018 offers an opportunity for participants from the industry, the public sector, the science community and other stakeholders to present, discuss and exchange ideas and experience on how to plan, design, construct, operate and maintain transportation infrastructure in cold regions.

The topical sessions of the conference are:

-  Harbors and offshore Constructions
-  Vessel and boat traffic in icy Waters
-  Linear infrastructure
-  Airports and other large constructions 
-  Navigation, positioning and communication Systems
-  Planning of physical infrastructure  

The conference language is English.

Conference link : AIC2018



The ARTEK Event 2016 has the topic Sanitation in Cold Climate Regions and has it's focus on management of municipal and industrial waste and protection of water resources in the Arctic. The conference takes place 12 - 14 April in Sisimiut.

The Arctic is undergoing substantial changes towards denser populations, introduction of modern industries, opening of shipping lanes and increases in the standard of living, leading to modern consumption rates. At the same time, climate changes are predicted to significantly impact the ecosystems in the Arctic.

The development in the Arctic creates new challenges in relation to waste and wastewater handling, pollution control, human health, management of contaminated land and protection of the water supply. There is a need for research and development of affordable, robust and sustainable engineering solutions that fulfill supply and environmental demands within the constraints of the Arctic climatic and infrastructural conditions.

The Artek Event 2016 offers the opportunity for participants from the industry, the public sector, the science community and
other stakeholders to present, discuss and exchange ideas and experience on the management of municipal and industrial waste and protection of water resources in the Arctic.

Topics include, but are not restricted to:

  • Arctic context
    Stand-alone/decentralized systems, island operated systems, small systems for cluster homes, remote and very small communities, cold climate issues, health issues and transportation challenges.
  • Municipal wastewater
    Environmental impacts, treatment (passive and active), separation and composting toilets, un-sewered communities, sewering in cold climate and sludge management.
  • Drinking water
    Supply, safety, resources, quality, storage, distribution and treatment.
  • Extractive industries
    Wastewater and solid waste, impacts, treatment methods, toxic and radioactive element removal, cyanide treatment, acid mine drainage treatment and prevention, processing chemicals impacts and treatment.
  • Municipal solid waste and waste from food, fish and other industries
    Characteristics and volumes, sorting, reuse, incineration, composting, anaerobic digestion, deposition, from waste to energy potential and energy technologies.

-> Book of Abstracts

-> Official conference webpage


ARTEK Event 2014 took place in Sisimiut from 7-9 April and had the topic Urbanisation and infrastructure in the Arctic.

Conference proceeding 2014

The presentations which was presented at the event, can be downloaded as PDF beneath:
Alfred Heller
Birger Lilja
Birgitte Hoffmann
Ellen O'Gara
Emma Neale
Essi Oikarinen
Hans Holt Poulsen
Huining Xu
Jan Gehl
Janike Kampevold
Jennifer Fiebig
Jens Thomas Arnfred
Jesper Nordskilde
Kåre Hendriksen
Lene Edvardsen
Lotte Bjerregaard
Magdalena Haggärde og Gisle Løkken
Susan Carruth
Ulrik Jørgensen
Wang Xiuheng
Yiqiang Jiang


The ARTEK Event 2013 took place from 9- 11 April 2013 in Sisimiut. The topic of the conference was Sustainability in Mining in the Arctic.

Conference proceeding 2013


ARTEK Event 2012 took place in Sisimiut from 13 to 14 March 2012 and had the topic Challenges for the Arctic Building Industry. Read the conference proceedings and recommendations from the conference below. The presentations at the conference will be available for download within soon.

-> Conference proceeding - part 1
-> Conference proceeding - part 2
-> Conference proceeding - part 3
-> Recommendations and conclusions

The ARTEK Event 2012 was financially supported by the Nukiit fund, Government of Greenland.


Innovation in Greenland was the title of the ARTEK Event conference held in 2011 in Sisimiut. The conference takes stock of the conditions and possibilities for innovation in Greenland and discusses what it takes to promote and strenghten it.
-> Conference proceeding 2011


The previously held ARTEK Event Conference took place from 16 - 18 March 2010 with the conference "Arctic Energy Supply - Which way will Greenland chose? - Production, Distribution, Management, Legislation". Through 3 days the 70 attendees discussed different technological challenges, possibilities and solutions of energy supply in the Arctic.
-> Conference proceeding 2010

ARTEK Event 2009

 In the days 11 - 13 August 2009 ARTEK held its last international event in Sisimiut entitled "Tourist Cottages, and climate Change". The conference focused on how Greenland can prevent and adapt to climate change. For example by developing an environmental and energy-friendly portable tourist cottage tailored to Arctic conditions; by use of biogas from the Greenland shark for local energy production or by maintenance of the sleding tracks, essential for the dogsleding tourism. 
-> Conference proceeding 2009 

ARTEK Event 2008

In 2008 year the conference had the title "Sustainable Energy Supply in the Arctic - sun, wind, water etc."

Publications from the conference in 2008:
-> Conference proceeding 2008
-> Additional article to the proceedings


The ARTEK Event in 2007 was about road construction in the Arctic.
-> Conferencen proceeding 2007


The Arctic Event in 2006 was entitled "The Greenlandic environment - pollution and solutions", focusing on environmental issues in the Arctic.
-> Conference proceeding 2006


The Arctic Event in 2005 was entitled "Energy-efficient building".
-> Conference proceeding 2005