Research and Expertise

Research is one of the core activities at the Arctic Technology Centre. The ambition is to promote research based on and contributing  to the needs of the Greenlandic society to support a continued sustainable develop of the arctic region.

The research at ARTEK takes place in close collaboration with other research sections at the department, other departments at DTU and several other international universities within the following fields:

  • Constructions and physical environment (CoPE)
  • Arctic Environmental Engineering
  • Buildings and Energy in the Arctic
  • Planning, sustainability and infrastructure

Constructions and physical environement is a research unit at ARTEK focusing on constructions and natural science in Greenland and the Arctic region.

Arctic Environmental Engineering is a research team at ARTEK delivering research and teaching at university level on environmental engineering with focus on the Arctic.

Buildings and Energy in the Arctic is a research team within ARTEK with the overall aim to optimize buildings for the Arctic climate.


Planning, Sustainability and infrastructure is a research team at ARTEK focusing on improvements of the local, regional and national planning and design of infrastructures in an Arctic context.